New Forest Shoot

This April, I begun an exciting new project. As part of this project, I needed to have photographs to pitch to a client for a brand new clothing range.

Alongside this, I designed a brochure to be used as a selling point for the fashion. I stuck with a simple and elegant design that complimented the brand and style of clothing to be featured. Please however note that the mentioned “Quentin & Co.” is purely made up and any relation to real world companies is purely coincidental! Please also note that this is a demonstration, therefore it contains little to no text based content, purely “Lorem Ipsum”  dummy text. Have a look at the brochure here

Otherwise, enjoy some mockups here.

8 - 9 demo6-7 demo4-5 demo

Take a look at the full gallery produced below.

Challands Visual Final Logo CV Only_Artboard 1

Challands Visual Rebrand

New Year. New Me Brand

That was indeed the case with Challands Visual. A fresh new approach to the bold typeface has been taken with a revision of the “visual” element of the logo. Let’s take a look through what’s new!

A More Visual Appearance

The original logo (as seen below) consisted of the two words ‘Challands’ and ‘Visual’ both aligned to the right using the typeface ‘Proxima Nova’. This logo proved to be very bold and iconic with instant recognition and legibility to viewers on many forms of media. As effective as it was, the logo didn’t quite communicate the creative and visual elements.

Challands Visual Old Logo_Artboard 1


New Typeface & Splash of Colour

After a long search, I finally decided on combining the original typeface ‘Proxima Nova’ with a new, more playful and hand-written typeface. The typeface in question was ‘Cortado’. The typeface is fun to look at whilst maintaining legibility even when placed at a slight angle across the pre-existing text.

Cortado Orange_Artboard 1

It didn’t stop there though, I continued to incorporate colour into the logo for the first time. I mixed and matched a vast array of colour combinations before finding a bright and refreshing orange fading into a slightly darker orange via a linear gradient.

The Final Product

After playing around with the appearance of the typography, I decided that the ‘Visual’ element of the logo should be placed at an angle. By doing this, the logo would slightly overlap and intersect which didn’t look good whatsoever. This is where I cut an outline from the word ‘Visual’ out of the ‘Challands’ section of the logo. It’s at this point that the new Challands Visual logo was born and released to the world.

Challands Visual Rebrand Final Logo_Artboard 1


The Challands Visual logo was immediately sent to be laser cut onto some gorgeous adhesive vinyl. These vinyls are now plastered on the Peli cases and lens hoods of all Challands Visual camera lenses.

Challands Visual Final Logo CV Only_Artboard 1

Vicki In December

In late December 2017 I had the pleasure to go on a shoot with Vicki Wentworth-Brown. This shoot was my first portrait-only set and it was the perfect opportunity to test out the Zeiss Otus 85mm F1.4.

The location of choice was Upton Country Park in Poole, Dorset, UK. I chose this location due to the beautiful colours and textures around the park at this time of year.

The Carl Zeiss Otus 85mm performed wonderfully on this shoot, however I found it a little slow to work with at times on the shoot. With manual focus only, some shots take quite a lot of patience from myself shooting and the model.

Take a look at the gallery from the shoot below. I look forward to shooting more portraits in the near future and trying new and creative techniques.

Shot on the Canon 5DS using Zeiss Otus 85mm F1.4 & Zeiss Otus 28mm F1.4 lenses.

© Phil Challands of Challands Visual. All rights reserved.



Throughout the year I like to visit RSPB Arne to capture photographs of the landscapes and wildlife. Arne is a very unusual and special area where there are vast areas of open heathland, lots of dense oak woodland and even coastal marshlands.

All year round there is an abundance of wildlife at RSPB Arne and I’m always on the lookout. My favourite thing to capture at Arne are the famous Sika deer which roam free around the reserve all year round. In October/ November, the Sika deer rutting season is at its peak.

Here are a few of the photographs I have captured throughout 2017 at RSPB Arne.

All photographs are available for purchase. Please get in touch for more information and pricing.

All images © Phil Challands. All rights reserved


Views Of Golf

In November 2016, I was approached to produce a selection of musical pieces for the television series “Views Of Golf”. The series is currently showing on Sky Sports Golf and is a beautifully filmed series with a real cinematic look to it. It was my pleasure to produce the main theme tune and all of the title sequence tracks for the series.

Take a listen to the individual tracks below to get a feel for the show.

Main Theme Header

The Experts Header

The Historian Header

Around The Globe Header

Opening Bed Header

Credits Header

Views Of Golf was produced by Bridge Television Productions for Pitch International LLP. Watch Views Of Golf on Sky Sports Golf. The Views Of Golf Logo used in header image is the property of Pitch International LLP.


Inge Imaging Solutions Brand

After another June/July spent flat-out at The War And Peace Revival in Kent, I was finally able to take on some other work. My first job, to set up a new brand for a good friend who has now set himself up as a professional photographer offering bespoke services and premium prints of his work.

Development of the brand

I worked on this project in person with the client from start to finish, this allowed us to communicate what each of us were thinking about the branding and better understand and achieve the end goal.

There were two main points to consider when designing the logo and watermark. One being the combination of monochromatic (black and white) and colour photographs. And the other being the issue of contrasting light and dark images produced in monochromatic photography. A logo and watermark needed to be produced to be visible on all forms of photography, yet not distract from the photograph itself. The following is the outcome of the design process.

Typeface Logo

Images used in header and gallery © James Inge of Inge Imaging Solutions. All rights reserved. Used under express permission for promotional and informative purposes only. Featuring logo and watermark produced by Challands Visual.

Need branding for your company or service? Look no further.


KVGS Rebrand

The new year bought many new and interesting projects into the studio. Firstly, in January I was approached to give the Kent Video Game Society a brand new logo and an overall facelift. I jumped at the opportunity and accepted the job right away. After discussing the general needs of the group and what they wanted the new brand to say to potential members joining for the new year, I got straight to work on their brand new logo.

Development Of The Logo

I worked closely with the group to ensure that they were kept up to date with the design process. At each stage, they would be sent the latest design and invited to share their opinions and send in changes or adjustments they wished to be made. View the development previews below from first draft to the final design.

Branding & Membership

The logo was just the beginning of Kent Video Game Society’s new look. Also needed was a consistent colour scheme, typeface and membership card. Kent Video Game Society required cards to be printed for members to sign and use at events hosted by the society. The cards are the first thing that potential members will see when joining the KVGS. It was imperative that the branding on the cards was bright, eye catching and consistent. When designing the cards, together with the group, we decided on using a bright orange gradient colour scheme with a contrasting deep blue border. The orange was to represent the energy and joy that video games can give players. The blue was chosen as a high contrasting border around the logo, but also connotes stability for members of the group. The group loved the cards and were very excited when the print delivery arrived. See the membership cards mocked up below.

Kent Video Game Society Membership Cards © Kent Video Game Society



Red Roses

Photographers and film makers are constantly praising their 50mm lenses. I thought id take a look at what they are all so excited about. I picked up a Canon 50mm lens, put it on a Canon 5D MK III & a Canon 1D MK II and took it out for a spin. Simply looking through the viewfinder I could already see why people loved these lenses.

My first shot through a 50mm was of a rose growing in my garden, i sprayed some water onto its petals and then got to work on shooting it. The shallow Depth of field produced by the amazingly wide aperture gave the image a lovely depth.

The second shoot was of Crook the dog, a very excited and energetic dog indeed. This shoot was a perfect test of the autofocus speed and also detail in the glass. The lens performed well in fast moving shots but shone out in the few moments that Crook stayed still.

The third shoot was a very relaxed walk in Wareham. The lens was nice and light to carry around on the walk and through the fields. I noticed that when the aperture was wide open at F1.8 there was some chromatic aberration and loss of sharpening around the edges. This is an easy fix in post.

See for yourself how a 50mm performs in the gallery below;


The Journey

In mid 2014 I was tasked to make a short stop motion animation film. Being my first ever stop motion project, I didn’t quite know what to expect from the project. After overcoming many obstacles along the way, I managed to create a short film featuring a model car on its journey through Poole, Wimborne and Bournemouth in Dorset, UK. After 15 hours of editing, the film was ready.



Welsh Highland Railway

In 2013 one of my talented sisters and I were asked to produce a soundtrack to accompany an informative film about a classic route on the Welsh Highland Railway.

My sister and I worked together to produce the soundtrack, She covered the main melody and I focussed on filling in elsewhere I also helped make the piece really shine by mixing and mastering the final track.

The film is available as a 2D DVD and a digital 360° interactive video, allowing the viewer to pan around the shot as if they were on the train journey.

An early version of the project audio is available to listen to below, unfortunately I am unable to share all 30 minutes of the piece at this moment in time.



At the beginning of 2014 I wrote, shot, directed, edited and scored a short film with a small crew of six members (we used to call ourselves Drillbit Media). This was a ‘run and gun’ production as time and the weather were not on our side.

We managed to get the filming completed before sunset with a short time to have a break before we had to pack up and leave the location.

This short film was more of an experience as I had a part in every aspect of the production from start to finish.

Close- A Short Film By Phil Challands

Close Official Soundtrack. Composed By Phil Challands


“Close” -composed and produced by Phil Challands

“Undergrowth” -composed and produced by Phil Challands

Also produced alongside the film were numerous promotional products, below are a few of the posters produced.