Drillbit Media Re-branding

December 2015 saw me back in the graphic design chair again, this time to give Drillbit Media a much needed freshen up.

DM Social Media HEader-01

Drillbit Media have been around since 2012 producing short films for fun, however, they now wish to further their work and make more professional films, but of course… They still want to have fun in the process.

I was given the task of maintaining recognisable features from the original logo and to keep the logo feeling simple yet effective, and of course modern.

I started by finding suitable colours to be used, originally the logo had been a blue-black gradient. I begun by staying with blue, Pantone 297 C was my choice here, a much lighter shade of blue than originally used before. I felt this helped the logo stand out much more effectively on a  series of backgrounds and media applications such as web, video and print and upon more complex backgrounds within those applications.

colour scheme-01

More media such as work in progress screens and designs will be added soon.



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