Red Roses

Photographers and film makers are constantly praising their 50mm lenses. I thought id take a look at what they are all so excited about. I picked up a Canon 50mm lens, put it on a Canon 5D MK III & a Canon 1D MK II and took it out for a spin. Simply looking through the viewfinder I could already see why people loved these lenses.

My first shot through a 50mm was of a rose growing in my garden, i sprayed some water onto its petals and then got to work on shooting it. The shallow Depth of field produced by the amazingly wide aperture gave the image a lovely depth.

The second shoot was of Crook the dog, a very excited and energetic dog indeed. This shoot was a perfect test of the autofocus speed and also detail in the glass. The lens performed well in fast moving shots but shone out in the few moments that Crook stayed still.

The third shoot was a very relaxed walk in Wareham. The lens was nice and light to carry around on the walk and through the fields. I noticed that when the aperture was wide open at F1.8 there was some chromatic aberration and loss of sharpening around the edges. This is an easy fix in post.

See for yourself how a 50mm performs in the gallery below;



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