KVGS Rebrand

The new year bought many new and interesting projects into the studio. Firstly, in January I was approached to give the Kent Video Game Society a brand new logo and an overall facelift. I jumped at the opportunity and accepted the job right away. After discussing the general needs of the group and what they wanted the new brand to say to potential members joining for the new year, I got straight to work on their brand new logo.

Development Of The Logo

I worked closely with the group to ensure that they were kept up to date with the design process. At each stage, they would be sent the latest design and invited to share their opinions and send in changes or adjustments they wished to be made. View the development previews below from first draft to the final design.

Branding & Membership

The logo was just the beginning of Kent Video Game Society’s new look. Also needed was a consistent colour scheme, typeface and membership card. Kent Video Game Society required cards to be printed for members to sign and use at events hosted by the society. The cards are the first thing that potential members will see when joining the KVGS. It was imperative that the branding on the cards was bright, eye catching and consistent. When designing the cards, together with the group, we decided on using a bright orange gradient colour scheme with a contrasting deep blue border. The orange was to represent the energy and joy that video games can give players. The blue was chosen as a high contrasting border around the logo, but also connotes stability for members of the group. The group loved the cards and were very excited when the print delivery arrived. See the membership cards mocked up below.

Kent Video Game Society Membership Cards © Kent Video Game Society




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