Inge Imaging Solutions Brand

After another June/July spent flat-out at The War And Peace Revival in Kent, I was finally able to take on some other work. My first job, to set up a new brand for a good friend who has now set himself up as a professional photographer offering bespoke services and premium prints of his work.

Development of the brand

I worked on this project in person with the client from start to finish, this allowed us to communicate what each of us were thinking about the branding and better understand and achieve the end goal.

There were two main points to consider when designing the logo and watermark. One being the combination of monochromatic (black and white) and colour photographs. And the other being the issue of contrasting light and dark images produced in monochromatic photography. A logo and watermark needed to be produced to be visible on all forms of photography, yet not distract from the photograph itself. The following is the outcome of the design process.

Typeface Logo

Images used in header and gallery © James Inge of Inge Imaging Solutions. All rights reserved. Used under express permission for promotional and informative purposes only. Featuring logo and watermark produced by Challands Visual.

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