Challands Visual Rebrand

New Year. New Me Brand

That was indeed the case with Challands Visual. A fresh new approach to the bold typeface has been taken with a revision of the “visual” element of the logo. Let’s take a look through what’s new!

A More Visual Appearance

The original logo (as seen below) consisted of the two words ‘Challands’ and ‘Visual’ both aligned to the right using the typeface ‘Proxima Nova’. This logo proved to be very bold and iconic with instant recognition and legibility to viewers on many forms of media. As effective as it was, the logo didn’t quite communicate the creative and visual elements.

Challands Visual Old Logo_Artboard 1


New Typeface & Splash of Colour

After a long search, I finally decided on combining the original typeface ‘Proxima Nova’ with a new, more playful and hand-written typeface. The typeface in question was ‘Cortado’. The typeface is fun to look at whilst maintaining legibility even when placed at a slight angle across the pre-existing text.

Cortado Orange_Artboard 1

It didn’t stop there though, I continued to incorporate colour into the logo for the first time. I mixed and matched a vast array of colour combinations before finding a bright and refreshing orange fading into a slightly darker orange via a linear gradient.

The Final Product

After playing around with the appearance of the typography, I decided that the ‘Visual’ element of the logo should be placed at an angle. By doing this, the logo would slightly overlap and intersect which didn’t look good whatsoever. This is where I cut an outline from the word ‘Visual’ out of the ‘Challands’ section of the logo. It’s at this point that the new Challands Visual logo was born and released to the world.

Challands Visual Rebrand Final Logo_Artboard 1


The Challands Visual logo was immediately sent to be laser cut onto some gorgeous adhesive vinyl. These vinyls are now plastered on the Peli cases and lens hoods of all Challands Visual camera lenses.

Challands Visual Final Logo CV Only_Artboard 1


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