New Forest Shoot

This April, I begun an exciting new project. As part of this project, I needed to have photographs to pitch to a client for a brand new clothing range.

Alongside this, I designed a brochure to be used as a selling point for the fashion. I stuck with a simple and elegant design that complimented the brand and style of clothing to be featured. Please however note that the mentioned “Quentin & Co.” is purely made up and any relation to real world companies is purely coincidental! Please also note that this is a demonstration, therefore it contains little to no text based content, purely “Lorem Ipsum”  dummy text. Have a look at the brochure here

Otherwise, enjoy some mockups here.

8 - 9 demo6-7 demo4-5 demo

Take a look at the full gallery produced below.

Challands Visual Final Logo CV Only_Artboard 1


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