The Battlefield

This June, during the sweltering heatwave that has hit the country, I held a shoot with some rather special props. The uniforms used in this shoot were the genuine uniforms used in the series ‘Band of Brothers’. Also featured is a rather rare, yet original 1941 Slat-Grilled Willys’ Jeep. The weapon props were supplied by Nuprol who are an airsoft company which also have some of the iconic second world war weapons such as the M1 Garand, the MG42 and the K98.

It’s not just basic photography available from Challands Visual, if you run a Living History group or are a member of a re-enactment group and need an updated and themed photo set, get in touch with us today, go to the ‘contact’ tab on the Challands Visual Website. You’ll be surprised what we can achieve.

No practical effects were available on this photoshoot, all effects and retouches you see were applied and edited by Challands Visual.

Here’s a small selection of edited shots:

War Shot-6War Shot-4War Shot-5War Shot-8War Shot-3War Shot-7War Shot-10War ShotWar Shot-11

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