Welcome To Challands Visual,

Phil Challands is a visual content and music producer based in the south of England.

Phil specialises in (but is not limited to) photography, videography, editing, music production, audio production and graphic design.

Phil has been working within the media industry for five years, both freelance and for media, film and events companies in both digital and print based media, himself being the editor for two high profile events and their print and web advertising campaigns.

When covering events such as shows, concerts, re-enactments or weddings Phil keeps himself in the background of all that is going on. This allows for relaxed, natural looking shots. Only when absolutely necessary will he ever ask for any ‘poses’. Phil’s working style is relaxed, subtle and natural.

With music, every aspect of the project at hand is considered… Truly bespoke music production can’t be rushed or pre-made, this is why every track that passes through the studio is made with care from scratch. Tracks consist of only the highest quality audio and are mixed and mastered in detail to bring the whole mix out to its full potential.

See what clients have to say about my work…





If you have any questions regarding my work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here, or use the form below.



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