Hello and welcome to Challands Visual! My name is Phil Challands and I am a visual content and music producer based in the south of England.

If you need a creative individual, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your needs. I will do my absolute best to cater for your every creative need. Wether it is branding, photography, or something wild and wonderful!

I love to show my perspective on all aspects of creativity and do so by specialising in (but not limiting myself to) photography, videography, editing, music production, audio production and of course, graphic design.

I have over six years of professional hands-on experience within the creative industry, working both freelance and for media, film and events companies in both digital and print based media, myself being the editor for two high profile events and their year round print and web advertising campaigns.

I love to capture natural and relaxed shots when photographing. At weddings and events I will remain out of the way whilst capturing truly genuine experiences and expressions with guests and families. Avoiding intimidating people with the presence of a camera.

With music, every aspect of the project at hand is considered… Truly bespoke music production can’t be rushed or pre-made, this is why every track that passes through my studio is made with care from scratch. Tracks consist of only the highest quality audio and are mixed and mastered in detail to bring the whole mix out to its full potential.

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If you have any questions regarding my work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here, or use the form below.


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