Subscription Services

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Challands Visual is now offering a brand new service to promote and market your business to a wider audience and existing or past customers utilising all available resources. Take a look and see if the services suit your needs, we’re always happy to answer any questions, you can call us, email us or arrange for us to meet you face to face and talk through your every business need.

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What’s it all about?

We understand that running a business doesn’t allow you much time to spend promoting yourself. Not only that, the time we do spend can sometimes produce some rather underwhelming and unprofessional looking results, we get it, we’re not all designers and marketing magicians. This is where we can help you.

Just like time, cashflow can be somewhat unpredictable so budgeting for professional services is the last thought going through most business owners’ minds. Instead of paying out huge lumps of money for a single one-off service, which can cause you some serious money worries for your business, why not subscribe to a recurring service, at a price that suits both you, your schedule, your budget and of course, your core business values.

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What can we offer?

The service is actually quite simple.

We will visit your business to collect high resolution photographs, high definition videos and audio/visual material ready to take back with us to begin your marketing and promotion. Once we have a quick talk with you to discuss what your goals are for each visit, we will get to work on your photos, videos and graphics. Once ready, these will all be sent to you for approval before being placed onto your social media channels. Also available as part of the service to ensure your website content stays fresh and current, we are offering website Content Management. Doing this will ensure that visitors to both your social media pages, and your website, are greeted with current and fresh up to date content. This will ensure that you maintain a following & generate returning customers.

How often can it be?

Our service to you can be as often, or as little as you need. We can cover anything from once every week, all the way down to just visiting twice a year, plus everything in between. We feel that once a month is a very effective plan for the majority of customers.

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How much is it?

Giving a ‘one size fits all’ price simply wouldn’t be fair! Our prices are built on a time and value system. So each company would be totally different. We can however let you know that the monthly charges start from as little as £25.00.

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Let’s have a chat.

No two businesses are the same, that’s why our services are tailored to your needs. Let’s get talking about your business. Don’t worry, it’s just a chat to see how we can be of service to you. Who knows, the service may well not be suited to your needs, and thats ok!


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