Subscription Services

When it comes to your business, how much do you value your time?

How much time do you spend building posts on social media or other methods of marketing for the content to fail to engage your target audience?

Introducing subscription services by Challands Visual, in partnership with Crispy Jacket Studios.

What is it?

We will talk to you directly to duscuss your business’ needs and work out what method is best to tackle your marketing and content management. For a monthly subscription fee, you will receive professional photography, and quick, snappy videos that drive audience engagement and supply a call to action to bring valuable attention to your product, shop or service etc…

No two businesses are the same

Monthly subscriptions are paid per month and vary depending on your budget, media needs, target audience and recurrence. It’s a truly bespoke package built purely around you. and your brand or products etc…

Interested, need more information or want to start talking?

Let’s have a chat and sort out your business’ social media, content management and marketing needs.